Keeping an Eye on Dangerous Driving is building advanced traffic cameras with the capability to detect dangerous driving behavior through video analysis.

Comprehensive Monitoring

Safer Roads

Our goal is to detect all types of moving violations. Our software can detect sudden lane changes, tailgating, driving on shoulder, queue jumping, failure to yield, illegal U-turns, and more...

Advanced Technology

Make AI Work for You

Based on the latest Deep Learning algorithms, our core video analysis engine reliably detects vehicles in video, and extracts their trajectories for understanding road behavior.

Ease of Deployment

Sensible Solutions

We believe that the time is ripe for a new generation of traffic cameras, that utilize camera analytics, rather than expensive RADAR or LiDAR deployments. Competitively priced and feature rich.

Computer Vision Solutions

Our products are based on smart algorithms which have the ability to analyze images to 'understand' their content.

Traffic Counting

Traffic turn-counts and virtual loop system providing rich traffic analytics in real-time.


Vehicle tracking and trajectory analytics demonstration. Each vehicle is tracked reliably in the video stream. Look at 1:45 marker to see an actual traffic violation.

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