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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE is Wins the IRF Global Road Achievement Award for Best use of “AI in Traffic Safety”

A next-generation edge based solution,’s computer vision software takes home top honors in traffic management and intelligent transportation systems (ITS)

Makkah Al Mukarramah – November 24, 2020 – Today, has won the Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) category of the 2020 IRF Global Road Achievement Awards (GRAA) for demonstrating significant achievements in making the most of existing infrastructure to accommodate present and future traffic, by using advanced or original traffic management concepts, organizations or systems. 

To monitor and analyze dangerous driving, developed an intelligent traffic analytics software leveraging computer vision and deep learning. This software can be adapted into existing traffic cameras to optimize traffic management and enforcement quickly.

According to the International Road Federation: “Recent months have brought hope for renewed global consensus and political leadership around ambitious 2030 road traffic injury reduction targets. Against this backdrop, one area that is gaining rapid traction is the use of artificial intelligence to supplement human-led analysis and support the interventions made by thousands of traffic engineers in the field.” is a Saudi-founded startup leveraging artificial intelligence (computer vision) to provide cutting edge detection solutions for traffic enforcement and smart cities. recently launched its proprietary Seatbelt and Mobile Phone detection technology, providing the first and highest accuracy of seatbelt and mobile phone violation detection at more than 90% accuracy for both.

“It is an honor to be recognized by one of the industry’s most recognizable organizations globally,” says Anas Basalamah, PhD., co-founder of “We are fully committed to improving road safety around the world and are currently leveraging the latest computer vision technologies available to quickly retrofit existing traffic infrastructure to support safer driving initiatives and better city planning.”

Seed-funded by Saudi Aramco’s VC arm Wa’ed Ventures, first appeared in 2018, winning the Product Innovation Award at Gulf Traffic 2018 for its computer vision solutions. is also working on enabling a new generation of easy-to-deploy cameras with more efficient computer vision technology. 

The company has deployed its video analytics solutions all over the world and further developed ways to securely and efficiently implement the latest technology solutions to improve road safety. To see how is improving and revolutionizing road safety, watch the video below:


Established in 2018, is leading the development of AI-powered road safety solutions. Our traffic intelligence and video analytics solutions tap into the power of computer vision methodologies providing real-time monitoring, trends and predictive analytics. Committed to eliminating road fatalities, is partnered with the biggest names in technology including NVIDIA, Intel and others. See more information about how we are protecting roads and people here:

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Deep learning system powers traffic enforcement system

For (Makkah al-Mukarramah, Saudi Arabia;, a developer of artificial intelligence (AI) systems for road safety applications, flexible convolutional neural networks (CNN) and a robust observability and monitoring stack, supported in part by a close working relationship with local law enforcement, provide the keys to success.

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Saudi’s raises seven-figure seed to detect dangerous driving behavior through video analysis

Makkah-based traffic monitoring and analysis startup has raised seed funding from Saudi Aramco’s VC arm Wa’ed, Wa’ed said in a statement to MENAbytes. The exact size of investment was not disclosed but we have been told that it’s a seven-figure USD deal.

Formally started in 2018 by Dr. Anas Basalamah, Dr. Saleh Basalamah, Muhammad Amin and Dr. Sohaib Khan, is building traffic analytics and enforcement solutions based on deep learning and computer vision technologies. The startup uses regular CCTV cameras for traffic analysis instead of RADAR and LiDAR-based deployments that are relatively more expensive.

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